Ashley draws creative inspiration from nature, spirituality, and consciousness expansion. Being a student of life, he is fascinated by the symmetry expressed in nature, and weaves these patterns into his tattoos. Ashley's tattooing is rooted in the Thai hand tap technique, Sak Yant- which he learned in Thailand and practiced in the years prior to transitioning to modern tattoo machines. Ashley has a strong passion for the sacred tradition of tattooing from around the world, and strives to curate an intentional, transformational experience for his clients.

Contact & Process

Ashley places an importance on cultivating a calm and peaceful tattoo experience to enable self-discovery and learning.
Ashley is focusing on custom designs; accepting potential clients who give artistic freedom, and trust in his creative vision.

Ashley responds to email requests chronologically, accepting clients who most resonate with his style of tattooing.
Ashley is currently focusing on: larger blackwork, dotwork, and sacred geometry designs, animal totems, mandalas, body jewelry / adornments, & nature inspired designs.

When emailing Ashley, please describe your idea in detail including: size of tattoo, body placement, and inspiration for idea.
When supplying references, please limit to two or three clear photos.

Please note:
-Ashley has a two hour minimum for tattoo sessions
-requests for coverups may not be accepted
-If selected, you will be invited for a personal consultation to discuss your idea in detail, after which a $200 deposit is required to book the tattoo
-Clients must be 18 years of age or older. No exceptions.

Please direct inquires to: apoktattoo@gmail.com